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AED 3'500.00 inc. 5% VAT

The 2017 Cabrinha FX kite is perfect for riders that mix hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks, love huge jumps & kite loops. The Cabrinha FX 2017 fills the gap between freestyle and freeride kitesurfing to create the perfect crossover kite.


The kite is in perfect conditions (trade in kite used twice only). Bar is included.

Sold Out!


The Cabrinha FX 7m 2017 is for riders that mix hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks and like to kiteloop. The wide wind range offers more versatility than a traditional “C” shape, and offers smooth power delivery with predictable handling. Cabrinha FX 7m 2017 is designed to bridge the gap between advanced freestyle and performance freeride kites.


The Cabrinha FX 7m 2017 implements an upright modified C shape design to get the best performance characteristics of a C shape with the versatility of a hybrid outline. The FX delivers a fast turn in a tight arc which makes it perfect for kite looping…. hooked or unhooked. Its lean entry and profile allows the kite to reach its zenith after a loop to give you a soft and controlled landing.

3 Strut, Modified C shape arc, Box wing tip design, Lean entry profile.


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