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The Cabrinha Spade is an all new ultra-versatile performance surfboard. It has prominent design features that make it excel in the surf and in the air. It starts with a slightly wider and curvier outline than the S Quad, lending itself to tight turns in the pocket of any sized wave.

The three fin configuration promotes rail to rail, and a top to bottom surfing. The wide outline also makes this board incredibly lively under your feet allowing you to generate speed even in onshore surf. The Spade will make your aerial manouvres look pro with its generous amount of pop.

The Parabolic Ridge creates a signature concave deck which is perfect for strapless trick riding also.

The Spade likes to be ridden with minimal input from the kite allowing you to ride with a slightly bigger board with a smaller kite. This brings the experience as close as it gets to surfing without a kite.

The Spade is also great for going vertical and making tight snaps in the pocket. Its curvy outline, pulled in tail and three fins create the perfect balance between speed and control.

The Spade can be ridden with or without straps. The Spade utilizes exclusive cork sandwich layup. This eco friendly construction provides a light weight, durable alternative to PVC reinforcement while delivering a softer, flex.

This board has more rail profile than the Cabrinha Spade giving it more bite from the rail alone.

The tri-fin set up performs well in higher wind and waves.


Cabrinha Spade Features:

• Integrated graphics and footpad
• Future Fin System 3-fin setup
• EPS Cork Construction
• 2 x Surf Ultralight Straps (Optional Accessory)
• Front / Rear Traction Pads

Cabrinha Technology:

Exclusive Cork Sandwich Layup:
This eco friendly construction provides a light weight, durable alternative to PVC reinforcement while delivering a softer, flex.

Pod Pads:?Strategically placed pods of EVA cover only the most crucial section of the board to allow easy stance shuffling. The overall amount of padding was reduced.

Cabrinha Surf Ultralight Straps (Optional Accessory):
If you are looking for the most comfortable surfing footstrap on the planet look no further than the Cabrinha surf strap. The Cabrinha surf strap has mirrored the evolution of the surfing trend to meet the needs of the hard core surfer. The symmetrical outline is perfect for riding gooftyfooted or regular on the same board. Developed on the North Shore of Maui, this strap is also perfect for tow-surfing.

Cabrinha 3 x Surf Fins Included:
Cabrinha has developed a set of fins specifically for Cabrinha Surfboards. The materials, foils and templates have all been designed around the unique physics and demands of kitesurfing. This year’s surf fins are stepping up the tech.

Cabrinha's Technology



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Welcome to the fastest growing sector of the kitesurfing market in Dubai and the world. A lot of kiters who have mastered the twin tip or surfboard and looking for a new challenge and want the ultimate feeling of flying and gliding over the water….this it it!The great thing about riding the Hydrofoil is its massive wind range, a 16 m2 kite will get you up riding in 8 knots or less, and keep riding well into 15 knots….The kitesurfing hydrofoil lessons Dubai course structure with our purpose built coaching equipment from Slingshot, Foiling Flight School!