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AED 899.00 inc. 5% VAT


Sizes: 1.40 X 0.45 X 0.40 m | 1.60 X 0.45 X 0.40 m
FABRICS: PVC coated 600D polyester


  • The 1.40 MTR boardbag can have 2 kites (including bar and lines, up to 14m
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Warranty: 1 Year

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The unique Mystic Ammo Twin Box splits into two separate check bags to help avoid overweight baggage charges, making it a strong contender for the best heavy duty kitesurfing travel bag available.

Although heavier than other kite travel bags, the Mystic Ammo Twin Box features a heavy duty padded construction to ensure that over enthusiastic baggage handlers don’t totally destroy your stuff before you’ve even arrived. The integrated wheels with plastic undercarriage and stair runners ensure that transportation is simple.

Mystic Ammo Twin Box is plenty large enough for a board, 3 kites and all your other kiting stuff with the dual compartment construction giving easy access to the bag contents throughout your travels. An internal bungee system prevents shredding kites in the zipper and keeps everything

Mystic Ammo Twin Box Technical Features

  • Detachable top and bottom compartment
  • Extra pockets for small gear
  • For multiple kites, wake- or kiteboards
  • Padded divider for protection between the boards
  • Inside zipper boundary
  • Detachable storage shoulder strap
  • Secure straps outside
  • Address card pocket
  • Carry handles
  • Integrated wheels
MYSTIC Boardbags Ammo twin box features - Dubai, UAE -
  • The 1.40 MTR boardbag can have 2 kites (including bar and lines, up to 14m²), 2 boards and 4 different accessories, such as wetsuits, harnesses and leashes.


  • The 1.60 MTR offers space to one more kite (including bar and lines) and one more accessory.

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