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NAISH Monarch 134 2016 Kitesurfing Board

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NAISH - Dubai, UAE -
Kitesurfing Board


The 2016 Naish Monarch kiteboard targets riders looking for cutting-edge design with energized freestyle performance. It delivers very direct power for upwind drive and explosive freestyle pop on-demand. Gradually tapering rails produce outstanding grip, powerful flex and directional stability. Lightweight, double-layer basalt fiber yields incredible strength-to-weight ratio and uniquely responsive flex—decreasing chances of distortion under the extreme loads of hard landings.

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NAISH Monarch 134 2016

NAISH Monarch 134 2016

Pro Performance Freestyle

The Naish 2016 Monarch’s 3D bottom shape provides increased tracking and phenomenal edging, while a reduced concave in the center section improves water entry and optimizes flex in between the rider’s feet.

  • NEW Double Basalt Fiber = Strong + lightweight + lively response & flex characteristics
  • NEW Low Flex F25 = Ideal for medium-to-high speed riding + extreme pop
  • 3-Stage Rocker R8/4/10 = Powerful + fast riding + aggressive pop + lively feel
  • Tapered Rails = Lightweight tips + better grip
  • 6.5° Angle Fin Platform = Superior grip
  • Flex Torsion Control = Increased stiffness in axial & torsional axis + superior control
  • 3D Step Rails = Thin edges for solid grip



  • 3-Stage Rocker R8/4/10
    Powerful rocker for fast riding, aggressive pop and a lively feelLow Flex F25
    Ideal for medium riding speed and hitting obstacles3D Step Rails
    Thin edges for solid gripTapered Rails
    Lightweight tips + better gripFlex Torsion Control
    Increased stiffness in both the axial and torsional axis + superior controlNEW Double Basalt Fiber
    Strong + lightweight + lively response & flex characteristics6.5° Angle Fin Platform
    Superior grip


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Welcome to the fastest growing sector of the kitesurfing market in Dubai and the world. A lot of kiters who have mastered the twin tip or surfboard and looking for a new challenge and want the ultimate feeling of flying and gliding over the water….this it it!The great thing about riding the Hydrofoil is its massive wind range, a 16 m2 kite will get you up riding in 8 knots or less, and keep riding well into 15 knots….The kitesurfing hydrofoil lessons Dubai course structure with our purpose built coaching equipment from Slingshot, Foiling Flight School!