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NAISH Venturi 189cm 2012 Kitesurfing Board

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NAISH - Dubai, UAE -
Kitesurfing Board


The Naish Venturi 2012 is a race-competitive design without sacrificing ease of use.

Developed in conjunction with top level racers, the Naish Venturi gets the rider on the water more days than ever thought possible, without losing focus on the fun factor.

The expanded size range offers a broader choice for different riding styles.

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NAISH Venturi 189cm 2012

NAISH Venturi 189cm 2012
On the race course, 189 Venturi will put the rider out in front on the starting line and stretch the lead on the downwind legs. It’s also an all-around light wind shape perfect for long distance cruising and off-the-wind speed burns.

Combined with state of the art race fins, the Venturi is fully competitive right off the shelf.

Charge down the line with constructions and materials developed for the aerospace industry. These technologies have been utilized to make the 2013 Naish Customs the Industry’s highest performance wave boards.

The Naish Custom range offers the industry’s highest performance shapes, the leading premium construction technology, and the most expansive selection. While each model offers unique performance, Naish are proud of the fact that no matter which Custom you choose, you will be completely stoked.

Full Bamboo Sandwich Construction: The foam core is wrapped in composite laminates, which overlap on the rails. Over these laminates, the board is wrapped again in high-density, closed-cell foam.

After laminating additional layers of reinforcement, the board is finished with the layers of bamboo and composite laminates. The bamboo laminate provides outstanding heel dent and pressure resistance and adds overall strength.

The end result is a board with the perfect strength-to-weight ratio.

Carbon Rails: Carbon rails provide the longitudinal stiffness similar to having two stringers outlining the board.

Quad / Thruster Compatible: The Global is delivered as a quad with four fins, and has five fin boxes so it can be set up as a thruster.

8-Piece Diamond Grooved Deck Pad:
Features an ergonomic arch support, high texture grip and stomp pad on the tail.Riding Style: Freeriding / Cruising / Racing
Skill Level: Intermediate / Expert

Naish Venturi Race 2013 Kiteboard – Length / Width:
Naish Venturi Race 2013 189cm x 69.5cm

Complete with:

  • Naish Symmetrical Vario Footstraps
  • Naish 2 x DFS 42cm Front Fins / 1 x 38cm Rear Fin
  • Naish 8-Piece Diamond Grooved Deck Pad


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Welcome to the fastest growing sector of the kitesurfing market in Dubai and the world. A lot of kiters who have mastered the twin tip or surfboard and looking for a new challenge and want the ultimate feeling of flying and gliding over the water….this it it!The great thing about riding the Hydrofoil is its massive wind range, a 16 m2 kite will get you up riding in 8 knots or less, and keep riding well into 15 knots….The kitesurfing hydrofoil lessons Dubai course structure with our purpose built coaching equipment from Slingshot, Foiling Flight School!