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Peter Lynn Hype TR

At Peter Lynn we live and breathe kiting and it is our goal to make the sport fun and accessible for everyone, this is why we have made the Hype Trainer. The Hype Trainer is a very friendly 2-line powerkite which is easy to fly for just about anyone no matter age or skill. Even without any prior kiting experience, the Hype Trainer is your entry into the exciting world of powerkiting, it is an incredibly easy to set-up 2-line powerkite flown on a controlbar. The Hype is suitable for the whole family. Its docile flying behaviour ensures that there are no sudden power surges when you fly the kite through the wind-window.

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The Hype Trainer is the perfect companion for some easy going flying fun, while learning the basics of flying a kite on a control bar. Peter Lynn has put extra effort into designing the Hype Trainer in such a way that everyone, no matter age or skill, can fly it with confidence. The Vibe Trainer responds very well to even the slightest steering input, giving the flier complete control all the time. Each size Hype Trainer is based upon the standard Vibe and tuned to fly better on a bar to ensure a rewarding challenge!

As every kite flier is likely to crash their kite sooner or later when they

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Charcoal & Aqua 2.3 m2, Charcoal & Green 1.6 m2, Charcoal & Lime 2.6 m2, Charcoal & Orange 1.9 m2


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