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2021 Brunotti Riptide Kite Board With Footstraps

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Who says an extreme watersport, kitesurfing is only for men? Women have long been venturing kite surfing and Brunotti has specially designed the 2021 Riptide kiteboard for them. Riptide kiteboard is inclined to women who love freeride and freestyle. It is as stiff as other heavy-duty kiteboards of Brunotti's yet it features a weight that is so light and controllable in line with a woman's body physique and control. Brunotti worked so hard to polish the double concave and double channel hull of the Riptide board so any female rider enjoys its speed, stability, and control while traversing the wind and waves. The 2021 Riptide kiteboard is perfect for women who are new to this sport or even the pros.



INCLUSION: Gravity Pro Pads

The Riptide in Brunotti's range of twintips is designed for women who want an all round freeride, freestyle board. They have developed a more flexible and narrower framework, you will now benefit from an enhanced and more comfortable ride. This CNC shaped wood core is equipped with a "Active Backbone", a so called stringer that runs through the whole board. Together with the 3D shape alongside the rail which reduces the boards torsion, this twintip will put a big smile on your face due to it's well-known control and comfort.

⦿ CNC'd Wood Core: Precision engineered pieces of computer cut woodwork. Constructed to match the exact characteristics the riders want. Lightweight, thick enough to create stiffness and strength, and thin enough to allow flex and comfort.

⦿ DRS Tech: (Diamond Shaped Rail) This sharp rail has a very small contact surface making it the perfect freeride rail, providing loads of grip and great upwind performance. The rail edge also has sufficient stiffness to provide strong pop.

⦿ Hyperbolic Chassis: Moulded in one piece to give the board a better torsional flex and produce a smooth and comfortable ride.

⦿ Torque Equalizer: Creates an unmatched torsional stiffness for kiteboards that are easy to control and have massive upwind performance.

⦿ Active Backbone: Runs down the length of the board and adds both stiffness and strength where needed. It also distributes the forces placed on the inserts evenly through the board, increasing control and comfort.

⦿ Double Channel: Channeling underneath the board allows for extra edge hold whether you are charging upwind or loading for a jump.

⦿ Double Concave: Allows water to flow freely underneath the board for a really smooth ride whilst enhancing edge hold for upwind ability