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2021 Brunotti Black Hawk Kite Board With Footstraps

Dhs. 3,809.52 + VAT
The 2021 Blackhawk kiteboard from the Brunotti line is inclined to freeride style. And the name speaks for itself, this kiteboard is a war chief in big air and a vast range of conditions. It simply does not back down, it pushes you to do more as much as you want to test its capabilities in the roughest of waters. The Blackhawk will always have your back and you can always rely on its rigid CNC'D Carbon-Compression wood core, and its fast and smooth glides by its minimal rocker and early planing. The bottom contour construction is designed to offer you tons of pop for extreme boosts. And the Diamond-Shaped Rail Tech design provides lots of grips -and which means it gives you great upwind performance.

The new Blackhawk 2021 Kiteboard is Brunotti´s Freeride, Freestyle and Big Air weapon, that is the ultimate combination of design, function and technology. The Blackhawk 2021 Kiteboard is the perfect choice, if you want best performance in all kinds of conditions.

The key feature is the CNC Carbon Compression Wood Core, which makes the board very lightweight and gives it a nice stiffness. The DRS Tech Rails of the Brunotti Blackhawk Twintip are Diamond shaped to give you a massive pop. The rails cut sharply through the water, which results in great upwind performance and grip. You will boost your confidence with the new Brunotti Blackhawk 2021 Kiteboard!

On the bottom of the Brunotti Blackhawk you find a Double Concave, which ensures a smooth landing after big jumps and a very stable riding experience. In Combination with the active Backbone of the Blackhawk Twintip, the board gives you a very stable and robust feeling on the water. In addition, the Board is moulded in one piece, which gives the board even more stability and a very smooth riding characteristic.

Are you looking for a great Twintip, which combines a lot of high quality features with a unique and elegant design? The Brunotti Blackhawk 2021 Kiteboard is a high performance kiteboard which makes you look great in every condition. The Board comes with Brunotti´s new high quality G-10 Twintip Fins and is available in 137-41 and 141-42.


  • Brunotti - Blackhawk 2021 Kiteboard
  • CNC Carbon Compression Wood Core
  • Hyperbolic Chassis
  • DRS Tech
  • Active Backbone
  • Double Concave
  • Torque Equalizer
  • includes Fins
  • Sizes: 137-41, 141-42