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2023 Cabrinha Moto X

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Experience Versatile Performance with the Cabrinha Moto X 2023 Kite: Ideal for All Skill Levels

Cabrinha Moto X 2023 Kite

Light weight high performance allround kite from Cabrinha
The Cabrinha Moto X 2023 Kite is Cabrinha's all-round kite and a good choice for a wide range of riders. The kite is perfect for freeriding, hydrofoiling, jumping or riding waves and in any case ensures a great experience on the water. Are you just getting started with kitesurfing? The Cabrinha Moto X is aimed at making rapid progress and helps you in every way to discover this great sport. The kite has a friendly character thanks to its good relaunch properties. It doesn't matter how many times you crash the kite, by pulling on a steering line you will have the kite back in the air in no time. The large wind range and depower range are also important. The kite delivers great light wind performance and if the wind picks up you can ride the Moto X for a long time thanks to its large depower range. The Moto X has a relatively light bar pressure and a very direct feel, so that the Moto X can be controlled in all conditions. From beginner to pro, the Cabrinha Moto X 2023 ensures fast progression and a great experience on the water.

The Moto has been significantly upgraded for 2023. This year's Cabrinha Moto X 2023 Kite has been given a very lightweight Lite Frame with unique features to create the best performing Cabrinha Moto ever. The Lite Frame is a combination of very light weight and ultra-stiff HTD Lite Dacron and a refined canopy design. This combination ensures that the kite drastically reduces its overall weight, and the kite becomes even more stable and direct thanks to its extra stiff frame. During harder gusty winds, the new Moto X remains super stable in the air and the kite feels nice and playful. The fabric of the kite is made of durable Nano ripstop fabric that is four times as strong and less elastic than older models. The new Bi-direction Pure Profile Panels provide the smoothest and best 3D shape of the canopy to create a kite that is as round and aerodynamic as possible. Durable TPU bumpers have been added around the leading edge to absorb hard impacts and crashes, so that you can enjoy your kite for as long as possible. The bridles have been updated with a lower stretch static bridle for an even more direct feel. And finally, the battens have been replaced by rigid EVA battens.

Are you looking for a do it all lightweight kite with great performance? With the new Cabrinha Moto X 2023 you can discover all disciplines of kitesurfing and get the most out of every session!

Specifications Cabrinha Moto X 2023 Kite

  • Allround Freeride
  • Beginner to advanced
  • New Lite Frame
  • New lightweight canopy design
  • New bridle system
  • New Ultralite bladders
  • New EVA battens
  • Nano ripstop canopy
  • Durable leading-edge bumpers