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Aweidi Double Seat Kayak (Green)

Dhs. 2,700.00 Dhs. 2,380.95 + VAT
This exquisitely finished green kayak vessel is the real deal! It is easy to maneuver and super stable in the water -you will appreciate its design giving its way to efficiency when you start driving this two-seater kayak. The Aweidi double seat kayak is proven to be sturdy and tough. Also, buoyancy has been straightforwardly engineered and designed to keep you afloat with durability and fluid in the waters. This kayak comes in different color variations that added a fun characteristic -your family and friends might want to try and ride these kayaks for an adventure together. It also features a storage compartment for your valuables or water bottles. You will surely love the forgiving nature of the Aweidi double-seat kayak that gives you a smooth and predictable water-cruising.
Aweidi Double Seat Kayak 
The exceptional stability and user friendly handling means you need look no further for a versatile kayak to suit friends and families at the beach, lake or river. On the water you can relax on comfy seats, whilst the screw hatch storage compartment allows for the storage water bottles and snacks for refueling.


Paddle with two, or make it a family outing for a small child or the family pet. Paddling solo is also no problem from the center seat. Keeping the same cool lines and profile.


You'll appreciate the fun and forgiving temperament the Aweidi possesses as it allows you to cruise with confidence whatever your experience. A smooth and predictable ride with true directional stability comes without compromising on maneuverability.
Hull Material : LLDPE
Size : 3970 x 840 x 300mm
Weight : 30.5 kgs
Capacity : 250 kgs
2* Hatch cover
1* Drain plug
1* Paddle keeper
6* Rubber stopper
2* Flush rod holders with caps
Mold on front, rear and side handle 
The price is inclusive of 2 kayak seats