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Eleveight RS

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Getting all worked up but just couldn't get the thrill you've been looking for in kitesurfing? Fortunately, Eleveight has added the most efficient, and versatile delta-hybrid designed R-Series kite. The RS kite is stuffed with great and new features that give off unsurpassed performance for cross-over freeride. Its construction is envisioned to produce a kite that handles a broader wind range and a lenient upwind ride. The entire outline and bridle are redesigned to reduce drag and enhance speed, efficiency, and accessible handling. The RS kite is made of sturdy materials to last for longer use. Never miss the hype and get your RS kite now to experience the ultimate ride for endless freeride!

Tame any storm, ride any spot and excel in any style -the R-Series is the one kite to truly stand out in every situation. It is our most versatile wing. The RS is a four-line Delta-Hybrid kite with a medium to high aspect ratio. Hence it has a strong grunt, an incredible Big Air performance and covers a massive wind range. A two kite quiver is usually enough to cover almost all condition.

We designed its turning axis to sit on the shoulder to balance tip and pivotal turning characteristics. Therefore, in the surf, you can whip it around in a tight loop to support your next hack into the lip, in Big Airs you can loop it in a wider circle to get that explosive forward momentum. Whatever style you choose, the RS' responsive and precise steering supports your riding.

Due to the staggering lift and long hangtime, the RS is a favourite for riders that want to go big. It is also a very comfortable kite that handles gusts, pulls you upwind and relaunches with ease. Highest quality materials such as the new X4 Ripstop canopy made by Techno Force and the high-temperature resin finish used in Teijin Dacron from Japan make it last and last and last.

The RS will be your best companion at every spot and in any condition.

• Three StrutDelta-Hybrid design
• Most versatile high-performance freeride kite
• Medium to high aspect ratio for big airs and long hang time
• Covers huge wind range and easily travels upwind
• Fast and smooth turning characteristics
• Ultra stable, perfect to tackle any spot and ride in any condition
• New bridle system with added trim option for customized performance
• Superior materials like X4 canopy and XT cloth made by Techno Force