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Introduction to Kiteboarding Lesson (Group Lessons) 3 Hours

Dhs. 800.00 Dhs. 571.42 + VAT
Throughout the lesson you will learn the basics of kitesurfing, including safety, set up, launching, and landing. This won’t be like some boring classroom lecture though; our instructors aim to make every second of your experience fun, even the bits people would usually find boring. Make no mistake, these skills aren’t anything you should take for granted like that airplane safety card that no one reads anymore… everything you learn in this lesson is necessary should you decide to take the sport to the next level.

Introduction to Kiteboarding Course (Group Lessons) 2 Hours

Kite N Surf's group lessons are tailored-fit to produce secure and confident kiteboard riders. This group kiteboarding course is the most popular lesson arrangement - over individual kiteboarding lessons - and is now open for any level of riding from an amateur into advanced! This Introduction to Kiteboarding Course is ideal to have three students per one (IKO, EKA, & VDWS Certified) highly qualified instructor. This setup guarantees that you get the kite guidance, attention, and time that you require. Kite N Surf's number one goal for this course is to take each one of you from Zero to Hero!

Within 2 hours of the Kiteboarding Course for Group, you will learn the following:

• Kite theory
• Basic kite flying skills
• Wind window
• Kite launching & landing
• Kite safety (the 3 steps of safety)
• Body dragging inside the water (based on students progress)

Note: The Group Kiteboarding Course is ideal for family or friends wanting to experience the kiteboarding world together in a limited time. The lessons in this package give you the few basics and safety instructions in kiteboarding while leveraging the discount from this group value-saving. It is also important that every student have the same schedule, level, and language. And it is only designed for people who know each other. Price is per person.

Price is inclusive of the equipment (equipment is provided by the school during the lessons). We only use the latest equipment of the year from the best brands like Cabrinha, Eleveight, and Brunotti.

Start booking this group lesson course now via phone or email. You may call us at +971 558006363 or email us at and provide your name, contact number, and preferred session date. Prior booking (subject to availability) is recommended 48 hours in advance.