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Full Kiteboarding Course (Group Lessons) 10 Hours

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Full Kiteboarding Course (Group Lessons) 10 Hours

The Full Kiteboarding Course for groups exclusively with our experienced and fully qualified (IKO and VDWS) instructors. This course will guarantee your group's progress at any level with utmost safety. Kite N Surf's number one goal for this course is to take each student from Zero to Hero.

Dubai is one of those cities with the fairest weather -no wonder its shoreline is jam-packed with people who want to maximize their time on the beach. One of the "talks of the town" activities is kiteboarding and Kite N Surf happened to be in the heart of Nessnass beach offering kiteboarding courses, equipment & gear rentals, and selling brand new kiteboarding equipment. If your family, friends, or workmates are interested to learn kiteboarding together, Kite N Surf definitely has something to offer you; 

Within 10 hours of the Kiteboarding Full Course for Group, you will learn the following:

‣ Kite theory
‣ Basic kite flying skills
‣ Wind window
‣ Kite launching & landing on the beach
‣ Kite safety (the 3 steps of safety)
‣ Body dragging (Downwind ) inside the water
‣ Setting up your kite and bar
‣ Body dragging Upwind (crosswind). The very important technique that you will use to recover your board inside the water.
‣ Power strokes (the technique needed to get you on the board and to understand better the power generated by the kite)
‣ Kite relaunch from the water
‣ Water start, getting up on the board
‣ Board skills
‣ How to determinate safe kiting spot
‣ Becoming independent

Note: The Group Full Kiteboarding Course is ideal for family or friends wanting to experience the kiteboarding world together. The lessons in this package give you the knowledge of basics and safety in kiteboarding while leveraging the discount from group value saving. It is also important that every student have the same schedule, level, and language. A maximum student number applies, and these group lessons are only available to small groups (ratio maximum number of students to instructor 3:1), and it is only designed for people who know each other. Price is per person.

Start booking this group lesson course now via phone or email. You may contact on +971 558006363 or email and provide your name, contact number, and preferred session date. Prior booking (subject to availability) is recommended 48 hours in advance.